There are such girls who eat less than others, do regular exercises, but they are still fatter than others. It seems that all their efforts are in vain. Why? Because they use bad weight loss habits to reduce weight. Next I will introduce the bad habits we should avoid. Lack of sleep

Plenty sleep can promote metabolism, eliminate dropsy, guide body to converse fat into energy, thus you can easily maintain a slim body figure. When we are sleeping, our body function is cling to be slow. But metabolism ability is still go on. The accumulated calories will be kept burning, then naturally we can promote fat burning.

Work as well as eating  

You are chewing food in your mouth, and do not stop knocking the keyboard. You are really busy. But when you are using a computer, you need to use eyes, ears and other organs frequently, therefore, we need a lot of blood supply, however, at this time, our stomach will also need blood. And it will cause blood supply deficiency, and lower digestion function. In addition, eat food as well as using computer will longer the dinner time, and a large amount of stimulation will reduce the food sensitiveness and lower our appetite. And after eating, you can eat a pill of zi xiu tang to get a better slimming effect.

Eat too little vegetables

Vegetables are low heat, vegetables can make you fill the stomach and absorb the nutrition for the body. But if you find that your dinner plate have a small amount of green vegetables, but with more high carbohydrate, then it is time to regroup your dinner plate. Before dinner, we can eat salad to help us control hunger feeling, when you eat staple food, make sure that the majority of the plate are vegetables. For the people who want to reduce weight, they should eat more vegetables as well as zixiutang. Because it could help us to increase metabolism rate and blood circulation.

Conclusion, weight loss need long time and great effort, what is more important, we need to keep bad weight loss habits. Avoiding bad habits is the shortcut for us to reduce weight.